MSDyn365BC.Code.History got a few updates!

Over the last few month a collected a few requests to improve or change the MSDyn365BC.Code.History repository. Last weekend I finally managed to address them and since Sunday I rebuild the whole Repository. Today its finally going live:

Include Translation files

Since today, (hopefully) all translation files are included. I never did this but in case you need to, you can now compare them. For performance reasons they are excluded from search in all the workspaces that are part of the repository tho.

Workspace file for all the test folders

This one was a bit tricky but I got it working. I collected all the test folders within all apps via PowerShell and generated a workspace file for it. Meaning, you can now open this workspace in every version and get all the test apps at once. This way it is possible for example to search only within test and library apps. (*.xlf files also excluded)

Bug in the MX localization

A bug in folder naming of the MX localization made the folder undeletable and therefore it was also part of a few other commits.

Archive Name of MX_DIOT test app leads to problems on windows · Issue #1973 · microsoft/navcontainerhelper (

I changed my script to handle this, so even if the problem is not solved yet, it does not affect the repository anymore.

How do I update my local clone?

Since I rewrote history and rebuild the whole repository, you can not simply pull the latest changes this time.

But this three commands should do the trick and you do not need to clone everything again.

git reset --hard "@{u}"
git clean -df
git pull

5 thoughts on “MSDyn365BC.Code.History got a few updates!

  1. Hi Stefan. Thanks for creating the repo. However, I have a problem. Are you aware that cloning the repo is now 7 GB? That seems way too big for the sources. I feel sure that before this latest revision it was much smaller – I have been using your repo for a couple of months.


    1. I was sure it would have grown a bit, but I was not aware that it would be that much. The reason is, that I included translation files. But is it a problem for you to clone 7 GB once?


      1. Well, I consider that extremely large. I ran ‘git gc’ and it quicky went down to 4.5GB. 7GB takes me 3 hours to download.


      2. I researched a bit. GitHub seems to run git gc “periodically” no hint how often exactly. I checked the size of the remote repo and it says 2.28 GB. This is the same I encountered when trying to pull it again. Yes it is larger than a normal repo but I dont think this is a problem, especially as it only needs to be pulled once completely.


      3. Okay, thanks for checking. Having noted the excessive size I had scrubbed everything and started again with a fresh clone before I wrote to you – giving me a 7GB directory. It might be that they have run ‘git gc’ during this conversation. Closed.


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