Business Central LinterCop with older Versions of BC

If you want to run pipelines with the LinterCop, you can use Run-ALPipeline and pass in the path to the LinterCop.dll via the parameter – CustomCops. But when running pipelines for various versions of BusinessCentral you might encounter errors like this: The reason for this is, that every BusinessCentral image ships with the exact versionContinue reading “Business Central LinterCop with older Versions of BC”

Changes in MSDyn365BC.Code.History

Today you may have already noticed something like this if you have a local clone of MSDyn365BC.Code.History to use with VS Code. I am going to explain what the hell is going on, and how to solve it 😉 The history was rewritten I had a couple of recommendations to improve this repository. That includesContinue reading “Changes in MSDyn365BC.Code.History”

BusinessCentral.LinterCop v0.23.0

A new version of the BusinessCentral.LinterCop just got released 🥳 Special thanks to Rob van Bekkum @rvanbekkum who wrote two new rules! Added Help links to wiki Microsoft already did this in the december release I think, and now the LinterCop also includes direct links to the wiki on GitHub. Just by clicking for exampleContinue reading “BusinessCentral.LinterCop v0.23.0”