Bugfixes for LinterCop Rule LC0015

I just released a new version for the BusinessCentral.LinterCop. This rule is similar to the PTE0004 from Microsoft which checks for your tables to have a TableData permission set. All the other permissions are not covered. After some discussion and some thoughts I ended up also including the check for TableData in LC0015. If youContinue reading “Bugfixes for LinterCop Rule LC0015”

Business Central LinterCop with older Versions of BC

If you want to run pipelines with the LinterCop, you can use Run-ALPipeline and pass in the path to the LinterCop.dll via the parameter – CustomCops. But when running pipelines for various versions of BusinessCentral you might encounter errors like this: The reason for this is, that every BusinessCentral image ships with the exact versionContinue reading “Business Central LinterCop with older Versions of BC”

Changes in MSDyn365BC.Code.History

Today you may have already noticed something like this if you have a local clone of MSDyn365BC.Code.History to use with VS Code. I am going to explain what the hell is going on, and how to solve it 😉 The history was rewritten I had a couple of recommendations to improve this repository. That includesContinue reading “Changes in MSDyn365BC.Code.History”

BusinessCentral.LinterCop v0.23.0

A new version of the BusinessCentral.LinterCop just got released 🥳 Special thanks to Rob van Bekkum @rvanbekkum who wrote two new rules! Added Help links to wiki Microsoft already did this in the december release I think, and now the LinterCop also includes direct links to the wiki on GitHub. Just by clicking for exampleContinue reading “BusinessCentral.LinterCop v0.23.0”

How to takle all the challenges with BC SaaS?

It’s been a while since my last blog post and this time its not about a technical topic. I have just watched the (right now) latest video from @SteveEndow and he asks a lot of questions and leaves open the answers. I just feel like I could share a few of my thoughts about someContinue reading “How to takle all the challenges with BC SaaS?”

Updates on my LinterCop project

In the last days, I managed to get some new updates for you released. Since this would be too much for a tweet, I will summarize here what changed, what will change in the next days (hopefully 🙃 ), and what is planned for future updates. What changed lately? Pipelines and automated builds The biggestContinue reading “Updates on my LinterCop project”

BusinessCentral.LinterCop goes VS Code!

After quite some analyzing and reverse engineering, I got it working! The custom code analyzer BusinessCentral.LinterCop is running included in VS Code. And here is how to do it: First, go to my GitHub and download the latest binary here.Then just place it on your hard drive, for example “C:\ALCustomCops\” Then go to your settings file and insert it in theContinue reading “BusinessCentral.LinterCop goes VS Code!”

Be careful with dynamic code

I believe there is a time in every AL developers live where he discovers the power of RecordRef and FieldRef. It is surely Incredible what you can achieve with these tools and how fast you can deliver a pretty good working piece of code. At least this is the way I remember my first solutionsContinue reading “Be careful with dynamic code”

MSDyn365BC.Code.History got a few updates!

Over the last few month a collected a few requests to improve or change the MSDyn365BC.Code.History repository. Last weekend I finally managed to address them and since Sunday I rebuild the whole Repository. Today its finally going live: https://github.com/StefanMaron/MSDyn365BC.Code.History Include Translation files Since today, (hopefully) all translation files are included. I never did this butContinue reading “MSDyn365BC.Code.History got a few updates!”