Video series: How do I?

I just joined the hype train and started to record AL learning videos!

Yes, I know what you might think now.

“Again? There are already enough people doing the same videos over and over again!”

But I have something different in mind. In this series of videos I want to share and show how I o stuff in AL. And maybe explain why I do it like this. My goal is to create videos as short as possible and focus only on a simple single task per video.

My video environment:

For recording the videos I only use the extensions in Waldo’s extension pack. There are no user settings and no workspace settings. Everything is default.

Currently I dont have any plans on explaining how to setup the environment for developing. There are tons of tutorials out there ;)

Fun with tables

The first series I started to create is all about tables. Three videos already made and more to come ;)

MSDyn365 Business Central: How do I create “My first Table” - YouTube