Validate a commit before it is committed

Recently there was this question about how to do version numbering when working with AL Apps and automatic builds: It started a discussion about when to update which part of the version number and how that is done. The discussion will be continued today (10th June 2021 9pm CEST) on Discord if you are interestedContinue reading “Validate a commit before it is committed”

Clean up after yourself, Git!

You may know this problem: After a while working with feature branches your local git repository is a mess of many branches which don’t event exist anymore on your remote. (GitHub/GitLab/DevOps) You could delete these local branches manually but if you are as lazy as I am, you might want to read on and justContinue reading “Clean up after yourself, Git!”

In VS Code you want to git stage manually…

After a longer break with blogging, I am now back with a really short one. But I thought this would be worth sharing 😉 Thanks to @waldo1001 and @KarolakNatalie who opened my eyes on this one 🙂 You might know this little message, although you might have already forgotten that you got asked, when youContinue reading “In VS Code you want to git stage manually…”